Introducing The Shoulder Hammock by Joint Revival llc: Shoulder Support

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Introducing The Shoulder Hammock by Joint Revival llc: Shoulder Support

We are so excited to offer this new shoulder technology to you!! It has been 30 plus years in the works, all who have tried the Shoulder Hammock have loved the instant support and the help with pain relief that it provides.
Cory Chase CEO of Joint Revival llc with the Shoulder Hammock
Our CEO and Founder Cory Chase, invented this product because of a personal need. Having been extremely active in sports his whole life took its toll on his shoulder. He received 3 shoulder surgeries, with his last surgery being a full shoulder replacement. Cory is the type of person who thrives on being active! This shoulder was NOT going to keep him down! Being sick of having to rely on pain medications, he decided to develop the Shoulder Hammock. It was exactly the thing needed to help him get back to doing all of the things he loves to do! Seeing Cory in action, you would never have guessed that he had a full replacement shoulder surgery!  
Cory Chase ceo Joint revival the Shoulder Hammock
Cory did not want to keep this product to himself, instead he wants to share it with everyone suffering with shoulder issues. We have had several people try it already and everyone has been amazed with the support the Shoulder Hammock gives as well as the relief from pain that they receive. To check out what some of the people have to say about the Shoulder Hammock, check out the Testimonial page.
Please give the Shoulder Hammock a try! I promise you will not regret it! Click to Buy Now!


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