The UPTA Fall 2016 Conference Event: Introducing the Shoulder Hammock™

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The UPTA Fall 2016 Conference Event: Introducing the Shoulder Hammock™


This past weekend we were able to have a booth at the UPTA Fall 2016 Conference. It was exciting to have our Shoulder Hammock™ booth flooded with people wondering what it was all about!  

Many were intrigued and impressed with the possibilities of the Shoulder Hammock™.  We discussed the easy of the product, how it can be applied in less than a minute. Who doesn't want to save some precious time!

The unique material of the Shoulder Hammock™ was also of great interest. It is constructed out of a neoprene material which gives it the capability to stretch in all directions. This allows a person to have support and not have any restriction in motion.  On the back of the Hammock™, is a strong adhesive, allowing the Hammock™ to be worn for around 3 to 5 days.  

There are so many amazing possibilities where the Shoulder Hammock™ would be beneficial. Several caregivers of stroke patients were intrigued with the possibility of the Shoulder Hammock™ helping to lessen the pain associated with the subluxation of the shoulder's of their stroke patients.

What about prevention?? Most definitely, the Shoulder Hammock™ is designed to help in supporting the shoulder, it would be great in prevention. We have several High School aged athletes using the product to help support their shoulders in their practices and games to help in preventing tired shoulders and injury.

The event was a great opportunity for us to showcase the Shoulder Hammock™, speak to several physical therapist, and gain some excitement about this amazing new technology!  

Oh, and it didn't hurt that our table had the best best candy giveaway at the conference!! Ya, those are full-size candy bars!

Don't wait any longer!! Get online today and order a Shoulder Hammock™, or two or three, you will be so glad you did!! After you try it and love it, tell everyone you know about it, that's what great friends do, right?!? 




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