About us

Thank you for your interest in our product, let us tell you a little about the Shoulder Hammock as well as a little about us.

About Joint Revival llc

The Shoulder Hammock supports, lifts and places the shoulder in a position that can immediately reduce the ache in the shoulder joint.  It also can help reduce the chance of slight tweaks, tired and sore shoulders, reduces inflammation and pain in the shoulder joint and helps to increase confidence for higher levels of activity.  Being a neoprene product it gives warmth and comfort to the shoulder.  Due to it's unique design, you will look amazing wearing it!
I have always been a very active and competitive person.  In my younger days I played football, basketball and baseball pushing my body to the max.  I played years of competitive softball and being a machinist for many years also took its toll on my right shoulder.  I have had 3 operations with the last one being a full shoulder replacement.  After 30+ years of looking for something other than pain medication that would help with the constant ache, I decided to develop a product for myself.   I started out using duct tape on my shoulder and over several months I was inspired to develop the “Shoulder Hammock”.  With the help of my family it has taken several years to find the right material and design that I feel works the best.  It has helped me and many others that have given it a try with great success.   I believe it can help you too!