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The Shoulder Hammock Works!! Here are some testimonials....


I’m Shane.  I’m an audiologist working as a sales rep for hearing equipment.  I’ve been involved in competitive sports most of my life.  I have been experiencing shoulder pain and movement.  I still enjoy some leisure sports which include golf, pickle ball, a little basketball and throwing a little batting practice to my boys.  I was referred to a product made by a company named “Joint Revival”, called the Shoulder Hammock.  I was intrigued by what I had heard about its results.  Quite skeptical, I picked up a package of hammocks.  The nature of my job requires me to entertain clients.  We were scheduled to participate in a golf tournament in Boise which I decided to opt out on because of my discomfort.   On the Thursday, before the Friday tournament I placed a Shoulder Hammock on my uncomfortable shoulder.  I am not the kind of person that takes someone’s word on something.  I have to try it for myself.  To my amazement I got immediate gratification on the application of the Shoulder Hammock and was able to participate in the golf tournament with virtually no pain.  I believe this product is truly going to change shoulder rehab and prevention.  It’s amazing the confidence and increased aggressiveness I experienced while wearing the Shoulder Hammock.  I’m so excited about this product I am telling everyone I know, that I think this product could help in any capacity.


My name is Terry! I've worked in real estate for the better part of my life. I enjoy many activities especially wrestling with my grandkids and enjoying outside activities with my wife Cindy! I've been having some difficulty with my shoulder when I get my arms over my head especially when i am competing in various pickle ball games and tournaments! My son-in-law told me about this new product called the Shoulder Hammock, made by Joint Revival, that had really helped his golf swing, due to the pain he had been having. I thought what the heck it won't hurt to try. I really like the feeling I got right after applying one of the hammocks, the dull pain that I had been feeling was gone and it was really comfortable. I really liked how it felt while playing pickle ball and it gave me the confidence to take a full swing, especially on overhead slams. Something I hadn't considered was how well I slept due to the Shoulder Hammock. I really would recommend this product to anyone, if not just for various pain but for pain prevention.



About a year ago I developed a severe pain in my shoulder. Dr. Edwards, a specialist diagnosed it as “Frozen Shoulder.” He went in and released the shoulder and I began therapy. Since then I have resumed my normal workouts, but I still have to be careful with certain movements. I tried the “Shoulder Hammock” and I was amazed at the confidence and support I gained during my workouts, especially while doing pushups. I would highly recommend anyone experiencing shoulder fatigue or pain to give the “Shoulder Hammock” a try. -Sharon


Shoulder Hammock Testimonial Brad

My name is Brad.  I’m just a tad over 60.  I’ve been in sales most of my life and have recently taken a job in manufacturing.  My job requires extensive over-head movements.  I’ve recently developed shoulder irritation and soreness.  It’s made it difficult to do my job as well as some of the activities I enjoy doing.  One of them is being on any river fly-fishing.  I heard about the shoulder hammock and like most people was a little apprehensive of its capabilities.   Upon applying the Shoulder Hammock I have to admit I was quite amazed.  The constant ache and soreness was immediately relieved.  The Shoulder Hammock has been a very positive device in allowing me to continue to do my daily obligations and to continue to participate in the things I enjoy.  It has given me confidence in the use of my shoulder and literally removed the constant nagging I’ve felt in my shoulder joint.  This truly is an incredible development, in the support of shoulder pain management.  I would recommend anyone experiencing any type of shoulder pain or issues in any way to try this amazing product.


Hi I’m Tara!  I am a mother of four and have a very hectic schedule.  It’s difficult to get everything done in a day, as most moms can relate to.  I love to stay fit and try to get to the gym as much as possible.  My workouts are aggressive and quick.  By the end of the day my shoulder is tired and a little strained causing some discomfort at times.  Several of my family members have been wearing this new cool looking Shoulder Hammock made by Joint Revival and they swear by its results.  I recently tried the new hammock and was really quite surprised at how good I felt during my workout and throughout the day.  It seemed to give me more range of motion and my shoulder felt less tired during my workouts.  I really would recommend this product to anyone desiring better shoulder performance.  It seemed to protect my shoulder, which allowed me to be a little more confident and aggressive while using it.



I'm Cindy.... My experience trying the Shoulder Hammock was great! I have been suffering with shoulder pain for about 2 years. I was excited to try out the Shoulder Hammock as I could not find anything on the market to help alleviate shoulder pain that wasn't a pill or cream. There were plenty of braces and wraps for knees, wrists, and elbows, but not shoulders. About 8 weeks before I was able to try out the Shoulder Hammock I started swimming twice a week, in addition to boxing three days a week. So, by the time I got a hold of the Shoulder Hammock, my shoulder was not hurting nearly as bad. I was worried it wouldn't have the pain relief effect it would have had, had I tried it a couple of months earlier. I did feel immediate relief after applying the Shoulder Hammock, but it wasn't life changing relief. It was while at boxing the next morning I really noticed the difference. It felt nearly pain free as I hit the bag full force. I had only been hitting for technique and not strength for many months due to the pain. I love the support the Shoulder Hammock gives my shoulder; it hold it in place providing my shoulder the environment in which to heal. 



I'm recovering from a supraspinatus tear (rotator cuff tear), that occurred 16 months ago. I avoided surgery and underwent physical therapy. It still ached a bit until I applied the Shoulder Hammock™. WOW! I cannot believe the comfort and pain-free. Now I also sleep through the night! My range of motion is much better and I can be active again without any pain. I will apply this to the non-injured shoulder for support, as well. Amazing product! -- Tyler



With over twelve years in the fire service, as a paramedic and firefighter, there has been a lot of time spent with over head movements. During scheduled trainings this device allows me support for my dominant shoulder. Less fatigue and soreness has been the biggest compliment. Now, as a Physicians Assistant, I can recommend this to my patients who are suffering from joint ailments. - Chad


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